iCarePassport™ provides the valuable tools physicians
and clinical staff need to extend the patient care continuum
from pre-admission to post discharge.


1) Patient is invited to join iCarePassport

  • Pre-admission: email invite is sent to patient via physician/surgeon office
  • In-Hospital: patient is prompted to join via Skylight ACCESS during the discharge process

2) Patient receives email invite, clicks the link to iCarePassport.com, registers, and logs onto the system

3) Once logged in, the patient sees personalized Patient Dashboard with custom content:

  • Physician and hospital organization information
  • Health education based on specific procedure or disease
  • Maps and directions from patient home to the hospital
    - Area attractions (hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • Alerts and reminders based on procedure or surgery date
    - Pre-admission events
    - Post-discharge events

4) Patient completes physician office/hospital forms online

  • Forms are auto-populated from physician office/hospital interface feed(s)

5) Patient is prompted to complete and submit Outcomes data

  • Patient Outcome data is gather by industry proven and recognized data capture process
  • Results of data entered by patient is provided back to patient for their awareness

6) Patient data is stored in iCarePassport data warehouse*

  • Clinical information is merged with functional status data
  • Researcher Dashboard allows data mining of data warehouse
  • Data analysis can be provided on significant measurements

* HIPAA compliant, de-identified population-based data