iCarePassport™ provides physicians, surgeons and hospital
organizations the ability to reach their patients before they are
admitted and continue to effectively communicate with them all the
way through post discharge.

"The unique advantage that we get from iCarePassport is its ability to deliver condition-specific and timely information to our patients and their families while providing Hoag with clinically relevant outcomes data."

- Alan Beyer, MD, FACS, Executive Medical Director, Hoag Orthopedic Services


  • Extension of Skylight ACCESS Interactive Patient System
  • Allows patients access to personalized health education 24x7
  • Helps patient and staff organize the paper avalanche associated
       with hospital admission
  • Sends patient alerts and reminders
  • Provides real-time feedback
  • Gathers and stores outcomes information in secure data warehouse
  • Provides client utilization and outcomes reports for evidence-based programs

A web-based extension of Skylight ACCESS, iCarePassport™ helps patients begin to build a relationship with the hospital long before they are admitted and creates loyalty and satisfaction long after discharge.

Patient-Specific Health Education

  • Provides patient and family 24x7 access
  • Health education is provided in engaging, interactive video format… Not the traditional workbooks and brochures
  • Continues education even after discharge to reduce risk of re-admittance
  • Organizational and physician-specific content
  • Integrates seemlessly with Skylight ACCESS inside hospital

Easy to Use

  • Provides digitized forms which leverages system data by pre-populating data fields
  • Increases Patient Satisfaction
  • Creates an online document repository giving patients and staff one location for ALL physician and hospital Forms

Personalized and Relevant

  • Personalized information including directions, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Helps locate outpatient services such as pharmacies, medical equipment, home care and other valuable assistance
  • Capable of linking patient to in hospital concierge services
  • And Much, Much, More…

Quality Measurement, Outcomes Tracking and Research

  • Patient Data Outcomes Gathering Application
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard
  • Ultra Flexible Analytics (SF-36, HOOS, KOOS, etc.)
  • Provides "Awareness" Report to Patient When Completed
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Has a Multi-Level Compliance Monitoring System
    • Email Invites
    • Email Reminders
    • SMS - Text Messages
    • Automated Phone Call
    • IVR Data Capture